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Angry Daehyun ^^;

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Bang Yongguk: Legendary Father of Aegyo 

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“Suga gets mad everytime Jimin listens to their manager”
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“Jimin said that fans are his ideal type. Then Suga spoke and said that “Jimin’s ideal type is Min Yoongi (Suga’s real name)”.”
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Yes Jimin, your love is showing, u///u.

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You know when you’re hanging out with a few friends who happen to be in a relationship together….


and after a while you start to feel really awkward so you’re kind of just like… 


kailu (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

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the difference between krisho & kailu: when suho and kai are given the opportunity to punish their hyungs for losing in foosball.

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