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"VIXX has officially announced that they will be returning to the stage in October”


“VIXX has confirmed their comeback date for October 14.”


 ”The new album will be a mini album.”


“They plan to show the strongest concept since their debut.”



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when Sungyeol gets a video message from his ideal girl, Taeyeon

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When food is not daehyun's style.

Daehyun : I like sushi. I dislike seafood. 

When I was little I could not eat most seafood, but now I can eat them slowly. When I was little, they looked somehow gross, and they tasted weird, but now as an adult I’m slowly getting used to them.  


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20140915 MATO Castle Princess and Prince

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[NYLON TV KOREA] NYLON KOREA 6주년 기념 릴레이 화보 BTS ft. f(x) Amber

{vixxbox photoshoot} ▸lee hongbin

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